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Rock Wool: Common and Important Insulation and Refractory Material

When speaking of insulating material. there is an array of products to choose from. Rock wool, which is well known for excellent insulation and fire resistance is a common choice for customers. Rock wool is manufactured through natural rock like basalt, diabase, and dolomite as well as bauxite. Due to the two important characteristics, rock wool is made into a number of products such as rock wool fire barriers, distributor rockwool, blanket, and many more in the building or industrial equipments. Function in the building Speaking of the application in the building, there is no doubt that it's related to three aspects - external wall insulation, ground as well as roofs. Producing some energy in the winter through rock wool is great to be cost saving.

As for external wall insulation, rock wool insulation fire proof board can be either in the inner wall position or surface of the wall. If installing rock wool board in the inner part of the wall, it's typically applied based on at least two layers (which can be reinforced concrete board, metal board or bricks). Besides larger products, rock wool particles are also very popular in the building industry. It's used as a spraying material. And, directly spraying it on the wall to insulate heat or resist fire. In addition to basic advantages, rock wool also features better sound absorption that construction requires nowadays. Thanks to its multiple pores, sound wave is absorbed by fibers to be quite environment. Significant role in the industry Rock wool is one of the most commonly used materials for furnaces. As a general rule, furnaces need heat to support power.

On the other hand, some power stealthily slips away for many reasons, resulting in more energy consumption related to efficiency and cost. Rock wool with insulation helps keep a lot of heat. Furthermore, its refractory feature makes it much safer. Of course, many industrial equipments also will make use of rock wool apart from furnaces. Despite of what kind of rock wool products are, its main function refers to insulation as well as thermal insulation board adhesive. Additionally, rock wool is frequently used in the ships that also require insulation. In order to be durable in the water for a long time, rockwool China manufacturers for ships generally is added with water repellent additive. To sum it all up, rock wool is worth using because of light weight, low conductivity, fire resistance, chemical stability, etc.

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