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Types of Facings for Insulation Materials

Types of facings: Aluminum Foil, Black Glass Tissue, Glass Cloth.

Product Range: Density 12 Kg/m3 to 100 Kg/m3 and thickness 12mm to 100mm

Emperature Range: Glass wool is suitable for applications ranging from minus 195 degree Celsius to plus 230 degree Celsius. For special applications up to 450 degree. Aluminum foil facing is suitable up to 120 degree Celsius.

Chemical Stability: Glass wool is chemically inert. Application does not cause or accelerate corrosion. Glass wool is rot proof and odorless.

Fire Safety: Glass wool is non-combustible in accordance with BS 476 incombustible, extremely low spread of flame, non emission of dense smoke and toxic gases, on depletion of oxygen (high oxygen index 70%).

Glass Wool Blanket Insulation

Biological: Glass wool is inorganic. Does not encourage growth of fungi and vermin.

Dimensional: Glass wool is stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity when applied correctly. Excellent tear strength and not prone to sagging or settling. Rigid slabs have inherently high compression resistance.

Vibration and Jolting Resistance: Conforms to BS 2972.

Moisture Content: Less than 2% in accordance with BS 2972.

Water Absorption: Less than 2% in accordance with BS 2972.

Shot Content: Nil in accordance with BS 2972. 

Odorless: Conforms to BS 2972.

No Mould Growth: Conforms to BS 2972.

Recovery after Compression: More than 95% in accordance BS 3958

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